Pincer and Palmar Block Set
Pincer and Palmar Block Set

Pincer and Palmar Block Set

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The palmar grasp block is to be given to children as early as 8-9 months. It is considered a type of first puzzle for the child. This material aids in developing the palmar grasp (the whole hand grasp). As the child learns that the cylinder should be placed back into the base, he/she uses the palmar grasp to grab onto it and pull it out, then attempts to place it back into the hole. This item builds concentration and fine motor skills.

The pincer grasp develops after the palmar grasp. This material should be offered at around 9 months when you begin to notice the child working hard to grasp objects with the thumb and forefinger. Children love to practice this grasp, and this material is perfect for helping them perfect it. Children also love to switch the pincer and palmar block back and forth between bases. 

Material: Solid wood and sealed with beeswax/oil sealant so they are totally (non-toxic, child-safe). Wood tones may vary based upon availability.

Dimensions: Palmar block: 2.5 x 1.75 inches. Pincer Block: 2.25 x 1.75 inches. 

Care: NEVER submerge or rinse these toys in water. Doing so will raise the grain of the wood and roughen it. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean.

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