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Single Circle Puzzle

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The circle single shape puzzle is the first of the single shape puzzles to be introduced to the child once he/she has mastered the pincer (thumb and forefinger) grasp. This puzzle allows children to practice the pincer grasp while also nesting a shape in the correct position. It further refines development and concentration. Children as young as 9-11 months old (depending upon individual development) can practice the task of fitting the circle back into its place. The circle is introduced first as it is the easiest for the child to fit. Introducing one puzzle at a time is best for the young child until he/she has mastered each piece individually. 

Material: Solid cherry base with a maple wood circle

Dimensions: Approximately 5x5 inches

Care: NEVER submerge or rinse these toys in water. Doing so will raise the grain of the wood and roughen it. Instead, wipe with a slightly damp cloth to clean.

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