Best Toys for Travelling with Toddlers

Travelling with Kids: Entertainment on the go 

Toddlers have short attention spans and can easily become bored during travel. Having engaging toys on hand can help keep them entertained and prevent restlessness. But toys can not only be a great distraction, they can also provide a sense of security and help with routines. 

When packing toys for a toddler, consider their age, interests, and the length of the journey. Choose toys that are easy to carry. Bringing a mix of old favorites and a few new surprises can also add excitement to the travel experience for the toddler. 

Here's a list of recommended toys to keep your little ones happy during your travels:


Colouring book and pencils: Ideal not only for the journey but also for restaurants or on the go.

Travel games: Compact board games or card games designed for travel provide entertainment for the whole family. Memory games are great, click here to find some game start take up very little space in your luggage. 

Stickers/tattoos: Compact, mess-free, and offer endless creative possibilities for children. Stickers allow kids to create scenes and stories while improving fine motor skills. They can keep the children occupied for a long time.

Mini figures or small cars: Small action figures or dolls can spark imaginative play during the journey. Out tip: Wrapping toys (old or new) in wrapping paper before a journey can adds an element of surprise and excitement to the travel experience, especially for younger children.  

Beach toys: These are always great. Whether it's a pebble beach or a sandy beach, the pool or for some water play in the hotel bathtub on a cold day. Our tip: Don't forget a mesh bag for wet sandy toys so you don't have all the sand in your accommodation.

Cuddly soft toy: Don’t forget their favourite comforter. A soft plush toy can provide comfort and companionship, especially during long journeys and in unfamiliar settings.

Books: This activity is particularly calming and perfect for flights, train rides, and road trips.

Electronics: Tablets/audio toys can also be a good option to keep children entertained during long journeys. Make sure you download enough movies, music or games for the trip. And... ensure that the devices and headphones have enough battery life.


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