General Tips for a Family Vacation

Toddlers at airport watching planes

Planning. This is crucial when traveling with children. Consider their needs like eating habits, sleep times, and restroom breaks. The better you plan, the smoother the journey will be. 

Pack smartly. When traveling with suitcases, using packing cubes/organisers for all clothes and accessories is helpful.These help keep your belongings organized, maximize space, and simplify the packing and unpacking process during travel.

Check the airline's baggage size guidelines, as a separate bag for the kids can save space in your own luggage.

On all our trips, we found that "less is more" when it comes to toys. Check our tips for travel toys here.

Snacks. These can be lifesavers in a lot of situations by keeping them happy, content and distracted. 

Choose kid-friendly accommodations. Whether it's a vacation rental, hotel, or Airbnb, most kid-friendly accommodations offer amenities like a cot, small playroom or playground. Some Airbnbs may even have a box of toys, which can make packing easier. Having laundry facilities during the vacation can also be valuable with kids and reduces your luggage. Flexible meal times or nearby restaurants (in the case of vacation rentals) are particularly kid-friendly. 

Be flexible. All the planning is of no use if you don't adapt to the children's needs. Traveling with kids can be unpredictable. Be prepared to be flexible and allocate buffer time in case something goes wrong. 

Prioritize safety. If you're flying and have rented a car, you can check in your own child car seats and travel cribs for free at the oversized luggage counter. The same applies to your stroller. Be sure to activate the child safety lock on the rear doors of your rental car. Sun protection is also essential. 

Enjoy the journey. Don't forget to enjoy the trip with your children and cherish the precious memories you create together.