Booties (Apricot)
Booties (Apricot)
Baby wearing paricot pink blush knitted Merino wool booties held by parent
Merino wool apricot booties and knitted dummy comforter attachment on wooden coat rack
Booties (Apricot)

Booties (Apricot)

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The perfect layer on tiny toes for those first precious months. There is no better way to keep your little bub's feet snug and warm without overheating.

Praised for a perfect fit on the heel. The lacets ensure the booties stay on tiny baby feet.

Material: 100 % extra fine Italian merinowool (oeko-tex). Merinowool doesn't itch and is antibacterial and therefore perfect for kids with eczema or sensitive skin.


  • 0-9   months: original booties: 9,5cm lenghth - 6 cm width
  • 9-15 months: 10,5 cm length - 6,5 cm width

Care instructions: It's not necessary to wash merinowool frequently. This fiber is self-cleaning. It's perfect to just air outside. Otherwise wash it very gently by hand with lukewarm water of 30°. Use a wool detergent to wash.

Because of the moving of the feet of the baby, pilling will occur the first times when wearing. This pilling stops after wearing several times.

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