Cuddly Goose Small with Heat/Cool Pack (Grey)
Cuddly Goose Small with Heat/Cool Pack (Grey)

Cuddly Goose Small with Heat/Cool Pack (Grey)

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The SENGER Cuddly animal Small Goose is a vegan product- the stuffing is made from cotton, with a removable cushion filled with Grape Seeds, the outer from cotton, and no animal products have been used (eg wool).

The SENGER Cuddly Small Goose is a soft and cuddly toy that doubles as a weighted toy and a gentle heat bag for children. 

The SENGER Small Goose has a removable pillow, filled with Grape Seeds that can be placed in the oven or microwave to heat, or in the fridge to cool. Once it has reached the desired temperature, simply place back inside the zippered pouch. Perfect for those cold nights in winter or when someone is sick with a belly ache.

The weight of the grape seeds filling acts to provide a calming effect and give your little one sensory feedback.  Warmth and weight, the perfect combo.

Dimensions: Approximately 47 x 37 x 11 cm

Material: Outer layer: organic cotton. Filling: cotton filling. Removable pillow: filled with natural grape seeds


How do I Warm or Cool my Senger Cuddly Animal?

To heat your cherry stone or grape seed pillow: ½-1 minute in the microwave at a maximum of 600W, or 3-5 minutes in the oven at 75 degrees.

To heat your spelt pillow: Environmentally friendly on a safe heater, cuddled with love, or 2-3 minutes at 75 degrees in the oven. NEVER the microwave.

To cool your pillow: Place pillow only in the fridge for several hours or overnight. While cooling in the fridge, keep cuddling your friend for comfort


Caring for my SENGER Friend


We recommend hand washing with mild detergent or wool detergent. Please remove removable pillow before washing and do not wring, rub or brush. After washing, squeeze out carefully and leave to dry lying on a towel.

If the animal gets dirty, you can first remove the coarse dirt with a brush. Since we only use natural fibers of the best quality and no polyester, heavy washing is usually not necessary.  


Customer Reviews

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Just like a warm hug

I’d seen this goose before and thought it just looked the cutest, snuggly and cute! Upon reading it was also a heat/ cool pack I thought I would invest.
My 3 week old son gets lots of belly pains and loves napping under the goose, the warmth of the heat pack and the gentle weight (similar to my hand) gives him the comfort he needs to settle.

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